Dave Bautista May Be Chopping Heads As The Kurgan In The ‘Highlander’ Remake


Dave Bautista continues to have the best agent in Hollywood, as it seems he’s landed yet another role that requires somebody to be big, muscular and charismatic, but not do much acting, per se. So, right in Big Dave’s wheelhouse. According to Latino Review, Bautista will be playing The Kurgan in the upcoming remake of Highlander. WWE itself is also reporting the news, and if anybody would have the inside track on new Bautista roles, it’s probably WWE (the dude is still under contract with them, after all).

For those not familiar with Highlander (for shame), The Kurgan, played by Clancy Brown, was an immortal mercenary who dogs Christopher Lambert’s Connor MacLeod throughout history. He has an wacky zipper and chain covered outfit, licks priests and even manages to bump off Sean Connery. The Kurgan is bad news.

A Highlander reboot has been in the works for years, with Ryan Reynolds originally attached to star as Connor MacLeod. Reynolds has since dropped out and the producers are trying (likely in vain) to get Tom Cruise for Sean Connery’s former role, so things are kind of a mess, but at least it seems like they have a damn solid villain locked down.

What do you folks think of the casting? Personally, I’m excited to see Batista in┬áskinny jeans, a neon green polo and a giant skull helmet.

via Latino Review