David Hasselhoff Is Endorsing The British Bulldog For The WWE Hall Of Fame For Some Reason

The Hoff didn’t specify whether he also backs Matilda for the HOF, but I’m going to assume he does. 

Fans of The British Bulldog have recently started a petition to get Davey Boy Smith inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is a more than reasonable proposition — Davey easily surpasses the Koko B. Ware minimum qualifications required for induction. Unfortunately as with anything Hart family related things are, well, complicated.

One of the backers of the petition is Davey’s widow Diana Hart, who isn’t terribly well-liked by the rest of the Hart clan. Following her little brother Owen’s death, Diana wrote Under The Mat: Inside Wrestling’s Greatest Family, a book which ruffled a lot of feathers back in Calgary. Now that WWE has mended their relationship with Bret and most of the Hart family, they probably don’t want to touch anything Diana Hart-related with a 10-foot kendo stick.

But wait! The British Bulldog campaign has an ace up it’s sleeve! For some, totally not-alcohol related reason, David Hasselhoff himself has thrown his weight behind Davey Boy Smith being inducted into the Hall of Fame…

This isn’t the first time The Hoff has had a run-in with pro-graps. He did guest host a Raw and of course there was the legendary Baywatch/WCW crossover.

I don’t believe he ever had a run-in with The British Bulldog though, but hey, when did we start expecting David Hasselhoff to make sense?

via Wrestling Inc.