David Otunga Was On General Hospital Today And This Is Extremely Important

I’m sure everybody here watches General Hospital and already knows this, but WWE Superstar David Otunga made an appearance on today’s episode. Yes, we’re sharing two posts about David Otunga today.

If you’re stupid as f*ck and DON’T watch TV’s best soap opera about Nonspecific Hospital, here’s what you need to know: Alice Gunderson is a a live-in housekeeper for the Quartermaine family who moonlights (I shit you not) as professional wrestler “The Dominator.” Alice overhears someone’s plan to usurp the family’s multinational conglomerate and yadda yadda yadda, she has a heart attack and needs a heart transplant. She almost gets one when Rafe Jr. dies in a car accident, but they find out he had cocaine and heroin in his blood stream and that’s a WHOLE OTHER THING.

So! Stuck in a hospital and desperately clinging to life, Alice gets a visit from one of her pro wrestling contemporaries … JOHN CENA. Wait, sorry, he was visiting 100 children down the hallway. Dominator gets visited by David Otunga, a wrestler who has been in a wrestling ring exactly once in 2014, and he gives her the will, cheek-kisses and autographed magazines she needs to go on.

[protected-iframe id=”9250abc8b5dfb104697c695c0eadfa31-60970621-20122658″ info=”http://abc.go.com/embed/VDKA0_bs4r8q13″ width=”644″ height=”362″ frameborder=”0″]

Then, slightly later:

[protected-iframe id=”51420653fe7f45665cd1b91f2df7305f-60970621-20122658″ info=”http://abc.go.com/embed/VDKA0_ql98tgdv” width=”644″ height=”362″ frameborder=”0″]

I love that General Hospital exists in a universe where:

– Housekeepers can be part-time wrestlers and earn the respect of WWE Superstars
– People like David Otunga
– David Otunga can give dying people the strength to live
– All the boys in the back talk to David Otunga about how much they want to meet this one dying lady
– Other wrestlers talk to David Otunga