David Otunga Did An Amazing Thing For His Cousin Battling An Illness

11.14.17 3 months ago


David Otunga works for World Wrestling Entertainment on their Kickoff Shows during pay-per-view broadcasts. During the last two years, he was calling matches on the commentary team first on Smackdown and then briefly on Raw, but he had acting commitments that kept him away from Raw, which led to Booker T taking over his spot on commentary.

When Otunga isn’t working for WWE, he’s spending time with his actress/musician fiancee Jennifer Hudson, who he’s been engaged to for nine years and the couple has a son together. I guess they really hate wedding planning huh? Anyway, Otunga is in the news this week for something amazing he did for his cousin.

Otunga has a 24-year-old niece named Kylee, who has been battling a rare disease for the last five years and that resulted in congestive heart failure according to The Blast. Kylee is currently preparing for transplant surgery. She was recently cleared by doctors to return home as long as the environment around her was sterile. That led to Otunga renting out an entire Chicago movie theater, which led to them sterilizing the theater per doctors orders and she was able to watch the movie.

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