Hey, It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s DDP’s Latest Inspirational Success Story

Looking for a new weight loss inspiration named Jared who won’t get you put on a watchlist? DDP’s got you covered. The man credited with turning around the lives of troubled pro wrestling legends like Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall wants you to get to know his latest success story.

Diamond Dallas Page’s first meeting with Jared came after a screening of The Resurrection of Jake The Snake in Park City, Utah. Jared wanted to thank him for creating DDP Yoga, as it led him to lose (at that point) an extremely impressive 180¬†pounds¬†in nine months. Though he was skeptical at first, Page was moved by Jared’s progress, and later invited him to the DDP Yoga Performance Center to participate in new workout videos for the program.

Everyone, including Dallas, was amazed by the progress Jared had made since we had last seen him… everyone except Jared. It seemed as although he was happy with his results, he didn’t quite understand how big a deal it was to everyone around him. So that’s when Dallas asked Jared to read his very first blog entry. After over 40 years of being overweight, Jared had managed to lose 300 pounds in just a little over one year, by eating real food, and doing DDP YOGA.

I’m way into these stories of wrestling legends helping people instead of shouting angry nonsense at whatever cloud will listen to them. Also, good for you, Jared. DDP Yoga can be tough as sh*t, but overcoming a destructive mindset and working on bettering your health is even harder. Celebratory diamond cutters for everyone!