The Concept Art For ‘Deadpool’ Imagined ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin As The Main Villain

Hey. Did you love Deadpool? Based on the record-breaking box office, most of you probably did. Would you have liked Deadpool more if Wade Wilson had fought Stone Cold Steve Austin? Is this a question we even need to ask, or should you just start adding your fan art to the comments section now?

Professional concept artist Kelton Cram (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) spoke with about working on a pitch for the Deadpool film back when Fox hadn’t yet decided on a direction for the film. In this version, Deadpool would fight X-Men villains The Marauders, led by a mutant named Random. Real name? Marshall Evan Stone III, which sounds like he grew up going to charter schools with EC3.

His model for Random? Our own Texas Rattlesnake, who looks like he could easily open a few cans of whatever he’d like on the Merc with a Mouth. You can view the images below. The third one will look VERY familiar.

Those early Deadpool costumes aren’t exactly my jam, but Steve looks completely bad-ass. Honestly, the bad guy from Deadpool was the weakest part of the film for me, and replacing him with Stone Cold going full 3:16 speech probably could have pushed the movie from “great” to “greatest of all time” for me.

At the very least, we could have had a fight that looked like this: