Deal With It: Batista Names Himself The Worst Face In History And Criticizes The Shield Break-Up

This guy wasn’t a rousing fan sensation? Come on now. 

Oh Batista — I’m not sure if he’s one of the biggest douchebags in wrestling, or if he’s secretly one of the most likeable. He seemed to mostly be in likeable mode in a recent interview on the Chad Dukes wrestling podcast. When asked about his recent disastrous return as a skinny jeans clad good guy, Batista had this to say…

“I’m the worst babyface in the history of wrestling. I’m just not good at it. When you do promos sometimes you gotta say things that people wanna hear instead of telling them things they should hear. You know it’s hard for me to be that guy always saying the politically correct thing. I just don’t like it I’m not comfortable with it.”

Man, I dunno, worst in history? I recall being pretty into Big Dave circa 2005/2006. Also, we live in a world where the freakin’ Miz was a babyface for over two years. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Dave.

Batista also had some things to say about The Shield and the mistakes WWE is potentially making with Roman Reigns…

“I think they should have kept The Shield together a little bit longer. Let ‘em have that babyface run just a little bit longer. Roman Reigns obviously, he’s a huge star, he’s gonna be a huge star. I feel like if they push him out there before he’s ready, it’s gonna put a fizzle on everything, man, I’d just hate to see that.”

Hmmm, I seem to recall this guy who was the muscle for a major heel faction before getting a sudden push and ending up with the World Title only months later. Worked out okay for him. If anything, Batista’s history says they should be pushing Reigns harder.

But still, even if his statements are easy to pick apart, I appreciate Batista’s candor. Come back any time, buddy. We…we didn’t mean that Bluetista stuff.

Okay, we did. 

 via Chad Dukes Wrestling Network