Dean Ambrose’s Injury Angle On Raw May Have Been Covering For A Real One

One of the points of pride in the career of WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose is that he’s never missed significant time due to injury. In fact, earlier this year, he talked about how, despite the fact that he’s constantly wrestling “hurt,” he’s never had a real injury, which is in part why he’s managed to be praised for wrestling more than nearly anyone else in the company for the past few years. Night in and night out, he’s in the ring on television or at live events.

On Monday night’s episode of Raw, Ambrose and his tag team partner, Seth Rollins, were jumped by The Bar and Samoa Joe, and Ambrose’s arm was crushed in an equipment case, while a trainer looked on and didn’t do much of anything, really. Way to go, trainer.

A report by claims that Ambrose has a legitimate elbow injury, and the segment on Monday was shot to cover for it in case Ambrose ends up needing to take significant time off as a result. PWInsider also reports that Ambrose is set to travel to Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday to be examined by James Andrews, renowned orthopedic surgeon.

Although there is no word on the severity of Ambrose’s injury or how long he’s expected to be out of action just yet, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio further noted that after working this past weekend’s live events, Ambrose arrived at the Raw taping injured, and the show was re-written to accommodate for that.

Because he takes so much pride in being able to compete at any time, you can bet Ambrose will be hoping this is just a minor setback and not a major issue, as will the rest of his fans.