Del Rio And Mysterio Both Hit AAA This Weekend, And Neither Seemed Thrilled With WWE

Mysterio and Alberto in more innocent, armbar-happy times. 

AAA held their version of Wrestlemania, the appropriately titled Triplemania, this weekend and it was a regular high school reunion for disgruntled WWE Latino stars. As already advertised Alberto Del Rio appeared on the show as “Alberto el Patron” and the ex-Sin Cara/Mistico was also there under his hilariously spelled new persona Myzteziz, but the big shock was a surprise video appearance by Rey Mysterio.

Alberto came out accompanied by his father Dos Caras and cut a promo that cast himself as a victim of racism. While he didn’t actually name WWE, he left little doubt about who he was slapping the verbal armbar on. Here’s a transcript of some of what he said

“Seven years ago I embarked on that dream, that adventure called America. And by suffering, blood, sweat and tears we showed North Americans and the entire world, that when you do things with heart, with passion, with love, and being humble under the eyes of God our Father, dreams do come true.

Of course it wasn’t easy, and then came a day that the dream turned into a nightmare. Similar to many of you, or if not you, to family members of yours, who have gone to the other side looking for a better life for those that we love, I came across a monster, a monster called racism. Racism doesn’t distinguish sex, race, religion, color, it doesn’t care… if you have money, if you don’t have it.

In the U.S., they might be able to take my job, but they’ll never, ever take away my dignity and my pride. And on this night, my fellow Mexicans, I promise you and God that never again will someone come and disrespect my people, myself and all those that I love – because I am El Patron Alberto and I am Mexican, ladies and gentlemen!”

The show ended with the video appearance by Mysterio, who wished AAA a happy anniversary and then assured the audience he would “see them soon”. Hmmm! Oh, and there was also a #FreeRey hashtag attached to the end of the video.

Of course Mysterio appearing on AAA TV while still under contract to WWE could land him in hot water, but hey, what’s the worst they could do? Fire him? Mysterio wants to be fired. Honestly, Mysterio was way more restrained than he needed to be — he, Alberto, Myzteziz and Ricardo Rodriguez should have ended the show by destroying Vince McMahon and Triple H piñatas with kendo sticks. Lucha is no place for subtlety.

via WrestleZone & Wrestling Inc.