Dennis Rodman Is Trying To Raise Awareness For Hulk Hogan’s Good Character

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman fought alongside Hulk Hogan at two WCW Bash at the Beach events — in 1997 against Lex Luger and The Giant, and again in 1998 against Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone — and that’s not a bond that can be easily broken. Plus, one of Rodman’s great hobbies is fostering peace, so of course he’d be interested in helping Hogan recover following the scandal that got him fired from WWE and scrubbed from their website.

Hogan has apologized, but Rodman is urging the Hulkster’s celebrity fans to band together and prove that there “isn’t a racist bone in that man’s body.” Via Twitter:

We thought Rodman had shifted his allegiances to Ric Flair in recent years, but I guess when you’re nWo, you’re nWo for life. Maybe this is just a political move to get the Hulkster at one of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s summer wrestling spectaculars.

It’ll be interested to see if Magic Johnson, Mike Tyson, Scottie Pippen or lifelong Hulkamaniac Shaquille O’Neal throw in in support of Hogan. Until then, let’s remember the good old days when Hulk was a bad guy on purpose.

“Lex Luthor” could not be reached for comment.