WWE Has Released NXT’s Devin Taylor, And Now We’re Never Getting Closure

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE NXT released two talents today: Wrestler Cal Bishop, and backstage interviewer Devin Taylor.

Wait, what?

If you’ve been watching the weekly shows, you know that Taylor had become a familiar cog in the show, even engaging in an ongoing feud with Dana Brooke. Brooke developed her signature head-pat as a way to sign off interviews with Devin, and it eventually worked its way into her matches.

The payoff was always supposed to be Devin snapping on her and breaking her arm (or whatever), and now we’re never getting it. I feel so… cheated.

Taylor had been with the company since 2013, but the suggestion is that the NXT NPC field had gotten crowded with the additions of Dasha Fuentes, Kyle Edwards and “Creepy” Greg Hamilton.

If you don’t remember Cal Bishop, he’s made infrequent appearances on NXT shows and live events since 2013, most notably in this weird scene with Sylvester LeFort where he needed to put on pants. Bishop is an All-American wrestler and a two-time Pac-12 champ, but that may not be enough in a promotion with Chad Gable and Jason Jordan.

We wish them both the best in their future endeavors, and secretly hope that Dana Brooke signs with Women of Honor or wherever so Devin can show up and give us some closure.