Diamond Dallas Page Is BANG-ing Together A ‘DDP Yoga Performance Center’

Screw you Mom! I do happy baby pose like a MAN. 

Of all the unlikely post-wrestling career reinventions, Diamond Dallas Page’s is probably the unlikeliest. Well okay, Gene Snitsky, pressure cooker pitchman gives DDP a run for his money, but still, who predicated the guy whose gimmick was basically “embarrassing dad” becoming a yoga guru? I guess there’s a market for yoga for people who don’t understand mirrors and guys who need to feel manly whilst opening their pelvises.

Well, now DDP Yoga is taking the next step by opening the first DDP Yoga Performance Center, because any workout facility owned by a former WWE guy is now called a “performance center” I guess. The performance center will contain a fancy kitchen, a green screen for shooting videos and, uh, maybe a place to do yoga if they can find somewhere to fit it in.

Check out DDP announcing the performance center and BANG-ing the hell out of some Ikea shelving with a sledgehammer below…

Hopefully the performance center also has a room full of beanbag chairs and Doritos where guys like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall can come, hang out and stay out of trouble.

via EWrestlingNews