Dolph Ziggler Will Now Get To Lose On ‘@midnight’ As Well

Here’s the thing about Dolph Ziggler: he may not win a lot of matches (or ever really have anything important to do) (or ever wrestle an opponent fewer than six times in a row), but dammit, he gives his all and puts on the best show possible. Now, obviously, taking pride in this makes no sense from an imaginary “I fight in a world where winning is the only important thing for a living” perspective, but bless his heart, he keeps plugging away. What a scrappy guy!

Anyway, Dolph will now find a new way to try his best and lose next Wednesday, when he makes his first guest appearance as a contestant on Comedy Central’s @midnight, which is still plugging right along.

Dolph and his brother have been semi-fixtures of the Los Angeles comedy scene for years now, so it isn’t like this is coming out of nowhere. It’s arguably Dolph’s highest-profile comedy appearance to date, so good for him at sticking to a side gig and seeing his hard work pay off. No word on whether he’ll be flanked by any of the longtime outspoken wrestling fan comedians who are regulars on the show, like Ron Funches. But I mean … probably!

Rest assured that if Ziggler makes any jokes about wieners or butts, we’ll be here to tell you all about them on Thursday!