Dolph Ziggler Had His Instagram And Twitter Hacked During WWE Raw

08.11.15 4 years ago 21 Comments

Following recent hacks on Cesaro and Seth Rollins (resulting in everyone seeing his money in the bank), Dolph Ziggler is the latest WWE Superstar to fall victim to a social media hack.

Because Hulk Hogan is still trending and hackers are very in tune with making sure their #content is #trending, they used his Twitter account to ask Hulk Hogan the burning question that’s been on everyone’s minds:

dolph ziggler twitter

Hmm. What a weird way to ask if he really lied under oath during his sex tape trial.

While the hackers did not reveal whether or not the carpet matched the ramen drapes, they did post a surprisingly tasteful bottom-nude of an unnamed lady, and then a picture of a rooster because hahaha, it’s a euphemism for *whispers* penis. The NSFW Twitter screenshot is here, should you want to get super critical of their choice of rooster photo. I mean, an action shot? Really? Come on, guys. At least add “surprised” to your search term for added comic effect.

Both accounts were taken down temporarily, but Ziggler’s Twitter account has returned minus the Q&A with the Hulkster. His Instagram has also been restored. All things considered, this could have been way worse. I mean, these guys run around in very little clothing and confidently rub up against oily dudes on TV for money, so the threshold for what could potentially be embarrassing is pretty low. Thankfully, the hackers seemed pretty tame in comparison to the previous social media violations (or didn’t want to dig deeper than the first result on a Google image search), and the list of “wrestlers whose dicks we’ve seen” I’m sure we all have floating around in our heads hasn’t… GROWN? Aw, see, hackers? We’re all bad at dick jokes sometimes.

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