The Dudley Boyz Will Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame


The Dudley Boyz have long been touted as one of the most-decorated tag teams in the history of professional wrestling, and now they will finally achieve their ultimate destiny and receive what’s basically the highest accolade you can achieve: they’re going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bubba Ray and D-Von were part of the first batch of rumors for potential inductees as the class of 2018. One of those other rumored names, Goldberg, ended up being the headliner and the first announced name for this year’s Hall of Fame, so you’re two for two so far, rumor mill! Keep it up!

On Monday, WWE announced that the Dudleys, who were last seen at Raw 25, will indeed be inducted this year. Among their many achievements in their long, long career, the Dudley Boyz were eight-time ECW tag champs, two-time IWGP tag champs, nine-time tag champs in WWE and WWF, one-time “WCW” tag champs, and three-time NWA/TNA tag team champions.

Cathy Kelley and WWE got some comments from D-Von Dudley about what it means to him to go in the WWE Hall of Fame:

With this induction, the Dudley Boyz will join Kurt Angle and Sting as members of the TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame who were then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. There’s still a chance for Earl Hebner, Jeff Jarrett, and Gail Kim to make it a clean sweep of Impact HOFers, but, uh … maybe don’t hold your breath on at least a couple of those.

There is also no word on whether a “Dudley Boyz” induction will include Spike, Dudley, Sign Guy, Dances With, or Big Dick, but … we’re guessing not.

If you feel like taking a walk down memory lane, here are some Dudley highlights.