Dwayne Johnson’s Versions Of Classic Disney Characters Prove That The Rock Is Always On

Everyone knows The Rock can do it all. He’s the sexiest man alive, he’s a great father, he can eat his body weight in steamed cod on a daily basis, and he’s probably going to be the next goddamn President. And in addition to being the highest-paid movie star in the world, he’s now getting deep into that voice acting life. He plays “Maui” in the next sure-to-be-mega-smash Disney film Moana, which according to advance reviews, is going to make your cry your entire life essence.

The Rock and Moana’s songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote a little something called Hamilton, have been hamming it up on the press rounds (and even before), but kudos to Screen Junkies for bringing us the above video, where they ask Dwayne Johnson to give his Rockian takes on other classic Disney characters. The result is, of course, magical, because Disney characters are only improved by adding The Rock’s trademark billion-watt smile to them.

It’s not all perfect, but it still fills my heart with glee, specifically because SJ was smart enough to know that they had to — simply had to, had to, had to — include Gaston in the list of characters. The Rock basically is literally Gaston, except every square inch of him is devoid of hair. Seriously, I bet he’s smooth as a Ken doll downstairs.