The Rock Recorded A Video For WWE’s For Your Consideration Event

06.07.18 12 months ago


Despite the fact that Dwayne Johnson has made it his life’s goal to appear in approximately every movie, he always seems to be able to make a little bit of time in his busy schedule of “lift comical amounts of weights and act and maybe plan a run for president in 2020 no one is sure” to show WWE some love. Maybe he just never sleeps, I dunno.

Anyway! WWE hosted members of the Television Academy National Active for a For Your Consideration event, and in typical WWE fashion, the whole thing was quite a spectacle. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were there, as was Shawn Michaels, along with a handful of current WWE superstars.

Before the event really dove into presenting some of the work WWE does with the hopes of a potential Emmy nod — the RAW 25th Anniversary special, the Mixed Match Challenge, and WWE 24: Empowered on the Women’s Revolution — McMahon shoots it over to a pre-recorded video from The Rock, who looks like he might be at the Hardy Compound but is actually on set for one of his 14,000 upcoming films, Jungle Cruise.

Head to the 45:45 mark for New Day to kick things off, and hop on over to the 51-minute mark to watch The Rock.

Will The Rock’s cameo or the event as a whole work? Who knows! But WWE is really going for it, which is nice.

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