Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Leave: WWE And Lesnar May Be Done After Wrestlemania 31

12.16.14 4 years ago 43 Comments

Brock Lensar’s future is very much up in the air — his WWE contract expires as of Wrestlemania 31 and rumors are buzzing that he may take another purple-faced, sweaty run at MMA once his pro wrestling obligations are tied up. Bellator wants to sign Brock badly, and Jim Ross, who has some inside knowledge of such things, thinks Lesnar might return to UFC, but what does WWE itself think? Well, based on some new backstage information, it seems like WWE might be preparing for a Beast Incarnate-less future.

According to F4WOnline, WWE’s merchandising department has been told that the current Brock shirt he debuted on Monday will be his last, and that any effort that would have been put towards designing new Brock merch, should instead be put towards Sheamus related stuff, indicating we may be suffering through a renewed Sheamus push in 2015. More importantly though, it would indicate WWE doesn’t have any plans for Brock beyond this one last push to Wrestlemania.

It should be noted that WWE has denied the story, but then of course they would. They’d deny the sky is up and the ground is down if somebody on the Internet reported it. Also, Brock could still end up with WWE again when the dust settles, but WWE has kind of milked him for what he’s worth at this point. I can’t imagine Brock would get the kind of sweetheart deal he currently has if he signed again, and Brock doesn’t work for anybody who’s not willing to treat him like the very special boy he is.

What do you folks think? Will it be a sad day when BAHHRAWWK LESNAR leaves, or is it time to move on?

via Wrestle Zone & Wrestling Inc.

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