Edge And Christian Talk Kazoos, Five-Second Poses, And Wrestlers’ Court On The Stone Cold Podcast

Life comes at you fast.

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Life comes at you fast.

Another Stone Cold podcast is in the books, and, this time, it was a handicap match. The Texas Rattlesnake sat down with WWE tag team legends Edge and Christian to catch up with what they’ve been doing, and, naturally, it turned out to be a pretty fun episode. Here are some of the choice bits from the conversation.

  • On fatherhood: “We had our daughters six weeks apart from each other, we had no idea… I called Jay [also known as Christian] and I was like, ‘Guess what? We’re having a baby.’ And there was this long silence, and he goes, ‘We are, too.'”
  • On Edge’s role in Haven on SyFy: “The Haven producers saw my retirement speech and they said, ‘We’d like to get him for the show.’ That’s how I got the gig. They called me and said, ‘Would you like to come up to Halifax for one episode?'”
  • On the unexpected popularity of their kazoo playing: “I wish I had known before I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on flashy tights, outfits, glasses, and hats… I could’ve went to the store and bought one of these [kazoos] for two bucks.”
  • On tag team wrestling: “Tag team always has a special place in our heart because it put us on the map. I think it just got turned up a notch here with the Dudleys… The New Day, they’re on fire right now, I’m happy for those guys… Luke Harper, you put him in any tag team, that dude is money. And down in NXT, there’s a couple of kids, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. They’re cutting the ring off. They’re Arn and Tully. They’re Gene and Ole. They’re Bockwinkel and Stevens. That’s what they’re doing. No nonsense, old satin jackets with two stripes. I’m a fan of them.”
  • On the beginning of their friendship: “We met because of a ninja star. He [Christian] had moved to my town from his even smaller town, and he was new… But he had a ninja star. He said he was going to sell it to me, and then he reneged. But in all of that, we found out we both loved wrestling.”
  • On Edge’s favorite match, his WrestleMania XXIV main-event against The Undertaker: “I felt validated by ‘Taker, I felt validated by the company, I felt validated by the audience. I felt like I belonged here, like I deserved to be here, I earned it. I’m coming out last, and ‘Taker’s in the ring. I was losing feeling in my arms, I was so amped.”
  • On the nature of the TLC match: “There’s a real risk of them becoming a spectacle, where it’s just a car crash. After the first couple, we tried to figure out how to insert psychology, make them tell a story… We knew we weren’t going to be the main-event, but we wanted to be the match that everybody was talking about.”
  • On working with Gangrel: “Props to Gangrel, because he was a veteran. So if we needed to earn our chops with the APAs of the world, with the DOAs of the world… well, Dave [Gangrel] had been around. So he brought an element of cred to us… So that was huge for us. He made a huge difference.”
  • On their trip to Wrestlers’ Court: “Wrestlers’ Court is where someone will bring you up on charges. You’re going up against protocol, against etiquette… We obviously had to try and get out of our sentence. The judge can be bought, so we went above and beyond and thought, ‘What are the things that [Wrestlers’ Court judge] Undertaker likes?’ So we found this Harley-Davidson shop somewhere, and we got him this huge Harley-Davidson coffee table book. We got him a bunch of boxing DVDs… we just put it in his room and said, ‘Our settlement is there.'”
  • On some people’s inability to transition out of wrestling: “I think, sometimes, wrestling is so all-encompassing that they truly start to become the character. And then when it’s done, then what? So, that’s part of the reason I’d always say, ‘I’m Adam, good to meet you.’ Because I’m Adam. Edge is a character.”
  • On Austin’s voicemail to Christian, which became the “What?” chant: “I remember I was like, ‘Voice message, six minutes long?’ And then we just kind of started goofing around, doing that sort of thing. And three or four weeks later, I’m standing in the back getting ready, and I can hear your promo in the ring. I can hear ‘What?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe he’s actually doing this.'”
  • On the origin of the five-second pose: “We came up with this plan now that we had turned heel, that we were too good for the fans, we didn’t want them near us. But being the nice guys we were, we’d pose for five seconds and give them their camera time. Somebody randomly said ‘flash photography’ and we were like, ‘Flash photography? Is that a thing? Well, we’re using it.'”

This might be my favorite installment so far, partly because I am an unapologetic E&C fan for life, but also because it’s just great to watch them share a brain for an hour. I guess three decades of friendship will do that to you. Also, tell me with a straight face that you wouldn’t want to see 2015 New Day go back and be a part of the TLC tag team scene. Tables, ladders, chairs, and trombones.