Edge Explained The Injuries That Ended His WWE Career

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At this point, the very real physical risks of pro wrestling can’t be questions. WWE is riddled with injuries, and the wrestling community is still reeling from beloved Superstar Daniel Bryan’s early retirement due to multiple concussions.

TMZ Sports hung out with former WWE Superstar and current Hall of Famer Edge, who was forced into a similar early retirement. Given their similar situations, they of course had to ask about it. Edge explained that, at the end of the day, it was his most iconic match — the ladder match (and presumably the TLC matches he helped innovate) that ultimately did him in:

I think we’ve all been dinged up at some point. I think there’s so little known about it still at this point, so… I think I made out pretty unscathed when it comes to [concussions]. For me, it was neck. It’s gonna be something, though. Whether it’s hips or back, or concussions, for me it was neck. I feel off ladders a lot, and for me it took a toll on my neck, strangely, as opposed to my head. I never really whacked my head too much.

So, we’re still all going in on that Kickstarter to wrap all of our favorite wrestlers in bubble wrap, right? Okay cool, just checking.