Edge And Christian’s WWE Network Show Will Not Be Coming Back

Edge and Christian did a question and answer session on their latest episode of the “Edge And Christian Pod of Awesomeness,” which is released every Friday. During the Q&A, Edge and Christian answered a listener question about if there would be a second season of the Edge & Christian Show on WWE Network.

The official name of the show was the The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeked of Awesomeness. If you never watched the show before, it’s in the Originals section on WWE Network. The first episode aired on February 21, 2016 and there were twelve episode in all with the last episode airing on May 16, 2016. I watched every episode and enjoyed it. The show seemed like a success, but WWE doesn’t release viewership numbers, so there’s no factual way of knowing.

Here’s how Edge answered the question about whether there will be another season of their WWE Network show.

“Probably not. Just because I think our show is too expensive for them. From a timing perspective, I think it’s going to be a hard. We wrote an entire season, started to film it, got some really good stuff in the can, but I think with the Network cutbacks I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t think if they can do it or if we can do it just in terms of other work. But you never know.”

Christian added “TBD” meaning “to be determined” with Edge echoing that sentiment. Edge added that he gets asked the question a lot, so he wanted to address it on the show. It sounded as though they wanted to mention the show without completely closing the door on it because WWE may change their mind down the road.

The “budget cuts” reason is concerning considering WWE doesn’t have that many original shows on their WWE Network right now. The Steve Austin podcast hasn’t had an episode since the Dean Ambrose interview last August that wasn’t well received. John Bradshaw Layfield’s Legends with JBL show was cancelled earlier in the year and so was Renee Young’s WWE Unfiltered show.

The Corey Graves show Superstar Ink produces new episodes that appear on WWE Network. There are still programs like Table for 3 and Ride Along because they are cheap to produce. Table for 3 is just three people sitting in a restaurant with a few cameras on them to film the 20-minute show. Ride Along features wrestlers driving from one city to another with a dash cam filming them and another camera crew is in a car behind.

I enjoyed the Edge & Christian Show on WWE Network, and I’ll miss it. They are two best friends that got to live their dream together in WWE and maintain that closness in retirement. It’s a shame it won’t continue, but at least they have their podcast. Here’s a clip of them re-enacting superstar entrances.

To Edge and Christian, thanks for always reeking of awesomeness. To WWE Network, here’s hoping you bring this great show back one day.