Elias Got The Most Heel Heat In Years For Trashing The Sonics In Seattle

10.01.18 9 months ago 16 Comments

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Elias has, to the surprise of many NXT fans, become one of the top heels on the main roster. Few members of the Raw roster get a bigger pop than Elias, as the entire crowd belts out “Walk With Elias” at his request.

He’s at once beloved and somewhat hated because of his jabs at whatever city he’s in, often referencing the local sports team that typically occupies the arena he’s in. Usually, those remarks get boos, but often in a “he got us” way and he can continue on with his promo.

However, on Monday night in Seattle, Elias finally crossed the line with the crowd. He was joined in the ring by Kevin Owens in quite the team-up of heel promo acts to promote their Super Show-Down match with John Cena and Bobby Lashley, and Elias decided to tell the Seattle crowd that they didn’t deserve the SuperSonics, the NBA team that left a decade ago for Oklahoma City. That elicited one of the most incredible crowd responses in recent WWE memory.

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