WWE’s Emma Lip-Synced To Run-D.M.C. With Her Tiny Niece, And The Results Were Crazy Adorable

Earlier this year, Australian 6-year-old Riley Dashwood became internet-famous for her series of incredible trickshots using household items, like flipping a DVD into the DVD player, or no-look changing the toilet-paper roll, a thing I can’t even get my roommates to do when they’re looking right at it. This turned into her own insanely cute YouTube channel, filled with game reviews, learning segments, and of course, dubsmash lip-syncs.

Tenille Dashwood, better known as WWE Diva Emma, is now finding herself at the center of the so-called Divas Revolution in WWE, thanks to a supposedly messed up finish at the recent NXT event in Brooklyn. The usual bright and peppy character has morphed into Nega-Emma, a much darker, disillusioned, conniving version of her former self, looking out for her and her alone. You wouldn’t be able to tell all that from this video, though.

Emma joined her niece Riley for an impassioned lip-sync to Run-D.M.C.’s “It’s Tricky,” complete with tiny child stank faces, Emma dancing, and heart-melting giggles at the end. I have to admit, while I love post-crisis Emma, and I’m happy she’s finally getting recognition for being a vital part in changing the game for women in WWE, I will take any and all instances of her breaking kayfabe to making cutesy videos with tiny children.