WWE Superstar Emma’s Back Surgery Was A Success

WWE Superstar Emma was the latest to fall victim to the rash of injuries that has been plaguing the roster in the last year. Alongside recent NXT call-up Dana Brooke, Emma was poised to fill the heel tag team role vacated by Naomi and Tamina (due to injury, because of course), but was injured at a WWE Live event before that could really take off.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that she would require surgery:

“Emma has a ruptured disc that will require her to have surgery,” explained WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson. “She came to us in a great deal of pain, which seemed to be increasing.

Unfortunately, the Superstar’s estimated recovery time cannot be determined until after her procedure is complete.”

Thankfully, surgery was scheduled quickly and it looks like Emma’s already on the road to recovery:

WWE hasn’t given any timeframe on her recovery, though that’s understandable with the nature of her injury. Recovery times can vary drastically, though her already being at home is a great sign. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t hoping for her return sooner than later. Just, you know, please be super careful with everyone’s backs when that happens…