Here’s An Update On Enzo Amore’s Frightening Injury At Payback

Seriously, how you doing?

During Sunday’s WWE Payback opener against The Vaudevillains, Enzo Amore suffered one of the scariest in-ring injuries in recent memory. Simon Gotch was trying to toss him through the ropes to the outside, but Enzo’s face hit the middle rope and shot his head straight down into the mat. The match was stopped, the referee threw up an “X,” and Enzo was unresponsive as they took him away on a stretcher. As you can see from the above video, it was a nightmare scenario. Watching Cass stand there with his head down is just heartbreaking.

The good news is that while still major, the injury is under control. Per the Observer, Enzo suffered a severe concussion and will have to pass ImPACT concussion tests before being allowed to return to the ring. Feel free to make as many jokes as you need about an NXT star having to go through Impact first. The report says that Enzo remembers everything from before the match, but not the match itself.

Enzo was released from the hospital late Sunday night, and handled it like you’d expect:

The injury loosely parallels the team’s rise in NXT, where Enzo broke his leg just as the team started to gain popularity, and Big Cass spent a few months building up his skill level and confidence while Enzo healed. Let’s hope we get Enzo back in the ring as soon as possible.