Here’s What Was In Erick Rowan’s Mysterious Cage On WWE Raw

One of the longest-running storylines of the post-2019-draft era of WWE TV has been Erick Rowan carrying around a mysterious cage on Raw. Since November 2019, fans, commentary, and wrestlers have been wondering what could be in the cage, and tonight, everyone finally found out.

The big reveal came when Rowan was approached backstage by No Way Jose and his conga line. Jose asked Rowan to show the group what was in the cage and Rowan, who had previously kept the cage covered at all time, agreed. You can see how this all went down here:

Or for just the reveal:

After about fourth months of undercard mystery, it turns out Rowan has been carrying around a giant spider. And it’s a giant spider with the ability to either spit red liquid at people or bite people so hard they bleed a lot of very primary-colored blood.

Now that the question of what was in the cage has been answered, the situation only raises more questions. Does Rowan start incorporating the spider into his matches now? Will WWE just completely drop this storyline next week? Was there ever any satisfying reveal possible in this angle? Should the spider have just been Hornswoggle? Give us your takes in the comments.