Ethan Carter III Has Reportedly Parted Ways With Impact Wrestling

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01.15.18 11 Comments


One of the many reasons for Impact Wrestling’s stunted growth over the last several years has been its inability to create homegrown stars, and has a longstanding tradition of stocking its upper card with performers who made their names primarily in WWE.

Once upon a time, Impact Wrestling helped to develop the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christoper Daniels, to name a few, but at some point Impact Wrestling made the conscious decision to focus their product on wrestlers who were past their primes, neglecting the development of young talent in the process.

If you could point towards one Impact Wrestling developmental success story over the last several years, you’d be pointing squarely at Ethan Carter III. EC3 was brought in as the nephew of then-Impact Wrestling owner, Dixie Carter, and EC3 played the role of entitled rich kid beautifully.

EC3 has been in the middle of Impact Wrestling’s main event scene ever since his debut with the company, but after multiple ownership and creative changes, it appears as though his time with Impact Wrestling is over.

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