Eva Mania: Brian Kendrick Has Been Training Eva Marie In Preparation For A Big Push

Brace yourself, folks, because word is the Summer of Eva is almost upon us. According to the Wrestling Observer, Eva Marie is in line for a big push, and there’s certainly been hints that this is indeed the case. In a recent interview, Eva boldly said that she’s gunning to win the Divas title by SummerSlam.

This may sound slightly ridiculous/horrifying because, until now, Eva has been a Hall of Shame-worthy performer. The poor girl isn’t just bad at being a pro wrestler, she can’t even seem to pull off “convincing non-robotic human being” with any consistency. Well, that may be about to change.

Apparently, Eva has been training her well-toned butt off with THE Brian Kendrick. She’s been posting short videos of her training on Instagram, and, well, she’s actually looking pretty good. Now, of course, being able to do a move in training doesn’t mean you can string them together into a coherent match, and Eva Marie will be wrestling Cameron and Rosa Mendes, not Brian Kendrick, but this is a major improvement over the Eva Marie who seemed terrified to take a simple back bump.

Speaking of which, she’s not afraid of back bumps any more…


Too bad A.J. Lee’s retired because Eva could teach her a thing or two about running the ropes…


Here she is with some snap suplexes…


… and a pretty damn credible headscissors.

A f*cking Eva Marie suicide dive.


A springboard tornado DDT that looks approximately one billion times better than John Cena poopy stunner.


Finally, Eva Marie doing Sliced Bread No. 2. THE STUDENT HAS BECOME THE MASTER.


Here are all the clips in one YouTube video, in case you feel the need to study your Eva Marie tapes.

I’ll continue the wait and see approach to Eva Marie, wrestling workhorse, but good on her if she can put the pieces together. As the guy who’s given Nikki Bella a hundred consecutive Bests, I’m not about to discount somebody just because they look like Eva Marie. Now, let’s get Brian Kendrick working with Cameon.

via Wrestling Observer & The Miami Herald