Evolve 10th Anniversary Celebration Results

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Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free results from the Evolve 10th Anniversary Celebration, from July 13, 2019. Also known as Evolve 131, the show featured Matt Riddle versus Drew Gulak, Adam Cole defending the NXT Championship against Akira Tozawa, and more. It was the first Evolve event to be featured on the WWE Network.

Evolve 131 results:

1. Josh Briggs defeated Anthony Greene. Briggs pinned Greene after hitting the M6.

– Backstage, Eddie Kingston and Joe Gacy discussed how powerful and unstoppable they are.

2. Stephen Wolf defeated Curt Stallion, Harlem Bravado, and Sean Maluta. Wolf hit a 450 splash on Harlem Bravado for the pin.

3. Arturo Ruas defeated Anthony Henry. Ruas hit a reverse roundhouse kick to pin Henry.

4. Brandi Lauren defeated Shotzi Blackheart in a No DQ Match. Shotzi was pinned after taking a plethora of kendo stick shots. Brandi also had help from Natalia Markova in this match.

5. Babatunde defeated Colby Corino. Babatunde pinned Corino after a splash.

– After the match, the Unwanted came out. Eddie Kingston said that they got to the top the right way, unlike Babatunde.

6. AR Fox and Leon Ruff defeated the Unwanted (Eddie Kingston and Joe Gacy) to win the Evolve Tag Team Championship. AR Fox won with a 450 Splash to Kingston after Ruff put Gacy through a table on the outside.

– After the match, Fox and Ruff had a big celebration in the ring.

7. Matt Riddle defeated Drew Gulak. Riddle reversed Gulak’s submission hold into a BroDerek and got the pin.

– Afterwards, Drew Gulak took a mic and talked about how much he respects Matt Riddle

8. Austin Theory defeated JD Drake in a Winner Takes All Match for the Evolve World Championship and the WWN Championship. Theory hit the Ataxia and pinned Drake to retain the Evolve Title and win the WWN Title.

– Austin Theory cut a promo in the ring, putting over Evolve Wrestling. The lights went out, and when they came back up Josh Briggs had appeared behind Theory. Briggs chokeslammed him and then held up the Evolve Championship.

9. Adam Cole defeated Akira Tozawa to retain the NXT Championship. Cole pinned Tozawa after hitting him with the Last Shot.

– After the match, Johnny Gargano came to the ring, prompting Adam Cole to make his exit. Gargano checked on Tozawa, and then cut a promo about how great Evolve is, and how great the fans are.