A Family Got Thrown Out Of Smackdown For Yelling The N-Word At Roman Reigns

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12.09.15 36 Comments


In a story that’s less “news” and more, “good lord, why would you act like this at a wrestling show,” a family was reportedly thrown out of the WWE Smackdown taping in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday night when two boys allegedly yelled the n-word at Roman Reigns.

According to Wrestling News, surrounding fans yelled at the boys’ mother to discipline her kids, but she wasn’t responsive, which caused an argument. The mother was concerned about people taking pictures of her kids, and ultimately security decided to escort them out of the building.

The incident spread on social media, with tweets like this one:

Racism — especially vague, internet-style racism where you just say a hateful thing without it even really being focused — is nothing new in pro wrestling crowds, but should join “climbing over the railing and putting your hands on the wrestlers” on the list of things we should default to not doing at shows in 2015. Wrestling events are a place to let loose and have fun, but there’s a line of human decency that intersects it that shouldn’t even be a conversation.

For their next show, I’d recommend these kids check out the great WCW action at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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