UPROXX Roundtable: Wrestlers, Writers, And More Weigh In On Their Favorite Royal Rumble Moments Ever

01.26.17 1 year ago 23 Comments

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Everybody loves the Royal Rumble. If you say you don’t, you’re definitely lying and should probably put out that fire engulfing your pants because it’s a danger to yourself and others. We here at With Spandex thought it would be a great idea to take a look back into our own lives (and that of a few special contributers) to examine just what it is that makes this such a legendary part of WWE’s Big Four Pay-Per-Views.

For me, looking back at Rumbles is a bit bittersweet. After purchasing the entire Royal Rumble boxed set as a Christmas gift because sometimes I’m actually a pretty rad girlfriend, our excitement to watch them from beginning to end turned into a multi-year Wednesday night tradition of watching wrestling with one of our close friends. This also helped get our friend’s son into wrestling, and he’s now training to become a professional wrestler himself. While I may not see that friend as often as I’d like anymore – and definitely not that ex at this point – those nights hold some of my most cherished wrestling-watching memories.

The winners were never really who I wanted them to be, so my love of the event came more from the ability to tell smaller stories throughout the match, and its use as a vehicle for multi-layered extended narratives. Whether it’s the The Million Dollar Man trying to buy himself a Royal Rumble by paying his way into No. 30, only to then be punished by entering first the next year, or Mick Foley’s various personae entering themselves into the 1998 Rumble (with bonus Terry Funk alter-ego Chainsaw Charlie), the Rumble holds a multitude of these wonderful little moments that – for me – define exactly what makes the Rumble so special. From the old school individual entrant promos, to making a bingo cage important and dramatic, my god, Rumbles are just the best.

Also: The Posedown between Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior. F*ck Warrior, Rick Rude was totally robbed.

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