Five Years Ago, Daniel Bryan Explained Why Everyone’s So Pissed About The 2015 Royal Rumble

Click play and let the truth wash over you.

We wrote about this promo in our recap of NXT season 1, but it’s getting a lot of play on Reddit today so we thought we’d share it again. It’s worth sharing every day. At the time, the promo was about Bryan’s frustrations as an independent wrestling standout being treated like garbage on a game show full of WWE Developmental types before “WWE Developmental” was good. Now if you close your eyes, you can see the giant face of Roman Reigns winking.

Everything that was true in 2010 is true now. WWE still wants the people they’ve decided are stars. They still don’t care whether or not those people engage the audience or make them money. They still don’t pick the people who are the best for this job, and the person who’s still the best for this job is Daniel Bryan.

Also the same: you have to go to NXT to find the good stuff.