Former UFC Burnout Matt Riddle Is Training At Ring Of Honor

Matt “Deep Waters” Riddle holds a special place in the MMA world. He would have had a four-fight winning streak, but a pair of positive drug tests for marijuana (Big shock, I know) turned wins into no contests. That, coupled with the fact that he “jokingly” said that he needs to smoke weed in order to not beat his children made him one of the very few fighters to get cut from the UFC without losing a slew of fights.

After his release, Riddle joined the rival-in-theory-only Bellator MMA. He was supposed to enter a welterweight tournament, then had to pull out due to a cracked rib. Matt then retired from MMA due to not having enough fights to earn money. Then he unretired to go back to Bellator, pulled out of another fight, and was released without ever fighting for Bellator. Riddle had a fight in the even-lower level Titan Fighting Championships, winning by guillotine. That was back in February, and other than pulling out of another fight due to injury, not much as been heard about the rapscalliony pothead.

Until now, that is! According to Wrestling News by way of Wrestling Observer, Riddle is training at the Ring of Honor school under Hunter Johnson. Riddle has an amateur wrestling background, and at last check, was a brown belt in BJJ, so his for realsies grappling should be solid. What of his other skills, though?

Well, it looks like he’s got the “don’t actually hit the other guy” aspect down of pro wrestling punches, which is good.

And it seems like he can cut a solid promo, at least against “butter-toothed Brits”. Looks like Riddle will do just fine, especially if he can make friends. Maybe he can find SOMETHING in common with Matt Sydal.

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