Former UFC Fighter Matt Riddle Made His Pro Wrestling Debut, And It Was Actually Good

Back in October, word got out that former UFC “star” Matt Riddle had decided to jump from the world of mixed martial arts into professional wrestling. He was stated to have begun his training at the Ring of Honor school under Hunter Johnson, but it appears that he’s been at the Monster Factory in New Jersey.

Riddle made his debut for Monster Factory on February 7th, and from the highlights, he honestly doesn’t look that terrible. His grappling is solid, which isn’t much of a shock considering his shoot credentials. That’s him on the first place podium at a wrestling tournament, beating out current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones, who took third. His punches, though, still look pretty bad, which is consistent with his cross-country skiing striking style while in the UFC.

The biggest shock to me is how much he’s bulked up. From a scruffy-headed scrawny kid on The Ultimate Fighter to a muscley stud is pretty impressive. According to Bloody Elbow, Riddle attributes his change in physique to a few tricks:

I’m still growing my goal is 240-260. I will reach my goal and I couldn’t be happier not cutting weight and feeling like death. I also quit smoking the devil’s lettuce and don’t take any other form of PED’s.

I get that not dieting to stay close enough to cut down to 170 pounds helps, but I didn’t know that cutting out weed would add weight. Then again, I don’t know anything about “the devil’s lettuce” at all.

It looks like Riddle will be taking on six time All-American Billy Damiana at the next Monster Factory show in Paulsboro, New Jersey on February 21st. Go check that out if you are in the area, I guess.