Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Is Training To Wrestle With D’Lo Brown

01.29.15 3 years ago 3 Comments


Former UFC and Pride FC participant, “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni, his mixed martial arts career over with a final record of 15-18 (If you don’t know, that’s not great), has decided to try out pro wrestling at the tender age of 38. He’s currently training at the Future Stars of Wrestling gym with the likes of Kenny King, Mike Modest, and best of all, D’Lo Brown. It’s kind of funny that he’s going into pro graps just as CM Punk is leaving, since Baroni had this to say after the announcement that Punk signed with the UFC:

“I’ll bust you up. Call Coker , move da f*cking needle. Wa Wa 3H was mean to me. Vince owes me. Wa Wa. . Your gona love MMA and @Danawhite it’s so fair ova here. Ryback hurt you? I’ll break your f*cking Neck #whineybitch”

Baroni has shown to have the proper attitude for pro wrestling, usually by flipping off everyone in attendance during his MMA walk outs. In an interview with Nerd Society back in 2009, he also said some things that I’m sure Vince McMahon firmly believes:

NS: Are you a nerd at heart, like play video games or read comics?

PB: F*ck no. I hate that shit with a passion. I think it’s gay as f*ck and a waste of time.

NS: Do you have any advice for the nerds on how to get girls?

PB: Do steroids, lift heavy weights, get contacts, go tanning. And stop playing all those gay f*cking video games. You can’t get pussy in front of a TV playing games with your geeky friends. Go out to night clubs and bars, hit the beach. If you got money, floss. Whatever you do, don’t be yourself.

I can only hope that when they are both trained, Baroni gets to square off with fellow MMA cast-off Matt Riddle inside a pro wrestling ring.

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