Former WWE Star Marc Mero’s Inspirational Speech To Middle Schoolers Is The Most Emotional Thing You’ll Watch Today

Get your tissues ready. Get an entire box of them.

Marc Mero has achieved incredible success in sports and entertainment, reaching the top of the professional wrestling industry as a former WCW and WWE Champion. Today he defines success very different – if just one life is changed for the better each day, each week, or each year, he has surpassed any achievement he has ever set out to reach. His important message of hope and positivity has made a difference in countless lives, and you can help us share this with others!

This clip was originally uploaded at the end of December but is catching on this week, and will probably be showing up in social media feeds for the rest of the month. Why? Because it’s one of those rare moments when a former athlete really opens up and lets people see the soft, bloody parts of his heart. He talks about his addiction problems, the passing of his mother and a lot of honest, real-world stuff that would make a 5th grader sob and also you.

Watch it, take it to heart and share it with everybody you know.

(And yes, when he talks about hanging out with “the worst people,” he’s talking about Alex Wright.)