Today’s Most Important News: Fox Is Developing A Pro Wrestling Soap Opera

One of the things you hear when casual wrestling fans try to explain why they watch is that it’s a, “male soap opera.” Hey, man, I know it’s fake, it’s a soap opera for dudes!

Now, thanks to 20th Century Fox TV, pro wrestling will finally, actually become a soap opera for dudes.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Fox will be developing a pro wrestling soap called The Works, written by a science-fiction novelist who once wrote about Brock Lesnar. OKAY, LET’S DO THIS:

The Work, through 20th Century Fox TV, is set in the world of professional wrestling. It was written on spec by Scott O’Connor, author of the novels Untouchable and Half World. The script was shopped to cable networks, with Fox stepping up to take it off the table. O’Connor has been interested in professional wrestling and penned an article about WWE star Brock Lesnar in New York Times Magazine in August.

There should be a companion series called The Shoot, where the stars of the show talk openly and honestly about The Work.

If I’m booking a wrestling soap (and HBO didn’t pick it up), I’m doing a “ripped from the headlines” Law & Order procedural where we follow DIRK DANGLER, egotistical wrestling star, in his quest to stay cool, but find love with repressed Ukrainian beauty “Dana.” Will he be able to fend off the advances of the seductive AUTUMN RAIN, and win The Big Match against “The Moscow Mangler” VLADIMIR? Tune in this week and every week for like six months to find out more! Call it “General Local Medical Facility.”

Either that, or I’m just doing an hour-long version of this:

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