Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Best Match You’ve Ever Seen?

Back in September we asked you to tell us about the worst pro wrestling match you’d ever seen. Today, we’re turning it around. What’s the BEST wrestling match you’ve ever seen?

It can be the best match you’ve seen live, the best match you’ve discovered long after it’d happened, the best match you’ve seen lately, whatever you’d like. Objective “best,” your favorite, anything. However you’d like to qualify it. Let us know what it is, tell us about your experience watching it, and let us know why you connected to it so strongly.

My go-to answer is usually Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard in an I Quit cage match at Starrcade ’85. If you’ve got the Network, you can watch it here. It’s pretty much everything I could ever ask for in a wrestling match, and set impossibly high standards for me going forward. It’s built off of an intense feud, features graphic (and believable) violence, has high stakes and more or less defined what I think of when I think “heel” and “face.” Tully is a conniving jerk and the Gretchen Weiners of his rich guy stable. His girlfriend is evil and tries to throw him weapons in a steel cage match. Magnum is the great untapped superstar, an everyman cowboy who will punch you to death and make you quit, but leave you to wallow in your own mess when it’s over. It’s got blood, chairs, wood, metal, screams, tears, pathos, and that cool sound microphones make when they touch skull. Five stars, A+, however you want to rate it.

So drop down into the comments and let us know what your favorites are. If you have thoughts on somebody else’s favorite, start up a discussion. We all love this thing, right? Let’s talk about it.