Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Now-Defunct WWE Pay-Per-View Do You Miss The Most?

02.20.15 3 years ago 125 Comments


This weekend, WWE will be debuting their brand new pay-per-view Fastlane. There isn’t really a discernible theme beyond “February” and “We Need One For…”, and it’s left millions (just me) devastated that in no way does it involve driving, go karts, or a full reenactment of Stroker Ace with WWE Superstars. The addition of this show means that we lose one from our monthly hours of filler in between the really important rematches on Monday Night RAW. Adding Fastlane means losing Elimination Chamber, which is kind of a bummer. There’s at least a very clear feature that separates it from any other show, and people punching through/jumping off/getting mad when they can’t get out of the chamber’s pods is great and a dumb thing I’m actually going to miss.

I think the one I personally miss the most is King of the Ring. What started as basically a reason to recognize Harley Race without giving him a title belt turned into this great opportunity to spotlight someone without really disrupting your main-event picture or, conversely, the ability to move someone into it with minimal effort. Why shouldn’t A REAL LIFE KING be entitled to a belt? One can’t live on taxation without representation alo… oh, wait. Never mind. There are hundreds of years of arguments against that.

Either way, King of the Ring — while I may not have always enjoyed who was king — was and remains such a great concept in my mind. It plays into all of the ridiculous aspects of pro wrestling that I love. Also, hello? Cool props! Fancy chairs! Crowns! Forcing catering to swear fealty to you! There’s so much potential in one basic idea, and tournaments are an excellent way to use multiple people, especially those for whom creative just doesn’t seem to have anything for.

What about you? Does your heart burn for the glory days of Judgement Days? Is the lack of Armageddon gettin’ you up in arms? Let us know in the comments below!

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