Watch Bray Wyatt Learn About The Hogan Scandal Mid-Spooky Promo In This Funny Or Die Video

Uh oh, it seems as though Funny or Die may have a wrestling fan infestation on their hands. There are a lot of ways they could have played off the Hulk Hogan racism scandal. Most comedy sites probably would have referenced his ’80s Hulkamania heyday, but the Funny or Die folks went with something a little more modern. Something only people that actually keep up with the WWE product would get.

In the above video, we see Bray Wyatt (or rather, a pretty good Bray impersonator) cutting one of his patented spooky promos only to be interrupted with news of the Hulkster’s post-coital n-word barrage. Bray may be an evil, swamp-dwelling cult leader, but even he’s like, “Wait, Hulk Hogan said whaaat?” Follow along with Bray as he cycles through the Five Stages of Grief for Hulk Hogan’s recently departed career. We’ve all been there over the past few days. Let it out, man.

Hopefully we get more Funny or Die videos with Bray Wyatt being the last to hear about the latest “pro wrestler says crazy/horrible thing” scandal. They could have more episodes of it than any other Funny or Die series by the end of the summer.

(Via Funny or Die)