WWE Is Just Teasing Us With This Video About Potential Future World Champions

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04.14.17 16 Comments

Pro wrestling is perhaps the cruelest sport of all to watch. While fans of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or soccer teams may be long-suffering and dreaming of a championship, there are a million factors at play. Front-office ineptitude, injury, a free agent that doesn’t pan out, regression to the mean, and just straight-up the randomness of the universe when it comes to bad breaks and happenstance in a pivotal game or during a key play. In professional wrestling, there’s usually just one thing keeping your favorite from winning the big one: whether the person pulling the lever thinks it’s a good idea.

This is all just a longwinded way of saying that we all want our favorite wrestlers to be the world champ, maybe just one time. Your average fan will get apoplectic if you bring up the fact that Cesaro has never been a main event player. And of course, even if your fave makes it to the top of the mountain, there’s still grousing about the championship run not being done “correctly.” Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt … take your pick, really.

ANYWAY, WWE just released a new Corey Graves-narrated video about five WWE wrestlers who could be future first-time world champions one day, and … well, just take a gander at who they’ve singled out.

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