Watch Sgt. Slaughter Put Gabriel Iglesias Through Training Camp In ‘Fluffy’s Food Adventures’

07.14.17 8 months ago


Sgt. Slaughter is an undeniable American icon. He’s the only real-life person who is also a member of G.I. Joe (no, William “The Refrigerator” Perry doesn’t count in canon), and even if someone has never watched wrestling for a second, they likely know the name “Sgt. Slaughter.” Luckily, Gabriel Iglesias — a huge wrestling fan who once tried out for Tough Enough — is intimately familiar with Sgt. Slaughter, and even dressed up like him for Halloween when he was a kid.

But that love of the Sarge won’t prevent him from feeling Slaughter’s wrath on the second episode of Fluffy’s Food Adventures, which airs on Fuse next week. Of course, for many of us, being called a PUKE or a MAGGOT by the man himself would be an unbelievable badge of honor. In the episode, Fluffy and his entire posse go around Washington, D.C., eating at only veteran-owned restaurants.

Then, to burn off all that food, the gang gets a military-inspired workout courtesy of none other than Sgt. Slaughter. Please enjoy Iglesias being unable to stop thoroughly marking out while Sarge gets up in his face and hollers at him.

Iglesias’ unbridled glee at being yelled at by Slaughter is pretty much all of us any time we meet a wrestler from our childhood. We feel you, Gabriel.

To see more of the Sarge putting Fluffy through the wringer, check out episode two of Fluffy’s Food Adventures on Tuesday, July 18 on Fuse.

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