WWE Superstars And Legends Remember Mean Gene Okerlund


We were all terribly sad to hear about the passing of legendary wrestling interviewer Mean Gene Okerlund, whose death was announced this morning in a somber post on WWE.com. As is usually the case these days, many of his friends and co-workers took to Twitter to remember Mean Gene. We’ve gathered some of those tweets here.

Naturally Triple H and Stephanie McMahon spoke not just for themselves, but for the company:

On the other hand, one of the most striking tweets was from Charlotte Flair, who remembered the time that Gene interviewed her entire family when she was a kid:

Then there were the tweets from the still-living legends of wrestling, some of whom worked with Mean Gene back in the day.

The inimitable Iron Sheik was characteristically demonstrative in his feelings about Okerlund, not limiting himself to one tweet.

As of this writing, most of WWE’s current backstage interviewers haven’t had a chance to respond on social media, with the exception of Cathy Kelly:

And then there are the current WWE Superstars, many of whom grew up watching Mean Gene in the ’80s and ’90s, just like so many of us did.

As the day and the week go on, there are bound to be more and more tributes to Mean Gene on Twitter and elsewhere. Feel free to post any good ones you’ve seen in the comments below.