Gene Snitsky Is Back With A Horrifying New Beard And More Dude Food Pressure Cooker Recipes

A while back, we brought to light the frankly amazing news that everybody’s favorite baby punting gargoyle had reinvented himself as a pressure cooker hocking home shopping guru. Well, it’s been a few months, but Chef Gene Snitsky is back, and he’s not alone! Some breed of grotesque life form seems to have attached itself to the lower half of Snitsky’s face for these latest videos. I’m guessing it’s some sort of alien symbiote that needs a steady supply of pressure cooked mush in order to lay its eggs.

Anyway, get ready to learn about Gene’s new obsession, DUDE FOOD. Don’t worry though, Dude Food isn’t just for dudes. You can also get the ladies hot and bothered by cooking two chickens at once. Mmmm. Oh, Gene.

Speaking of hot and bothered, here’s Snitsky getting orgasmic about the sound of sausages plopping into a pot.

These king crab legs will make your friends think you’re a genius (provided your friends aren’t terribly smart themselves).

Finally, the ultimate Gene Snitsky cooking video. He hits the Macho Man impersonation, mispronounces risotto repeatedly and actually produces some pretty ballin’ looking mac and cheese.

I poke fun at Gene Snitsky’s various steaming pots of brown slop, but after witnessing John Cena’s food piling “skills,” I have an all new respect for Gene’s culinary abilities. Bro, you can come over and make me some damp, beard hair seasoned Dude Food anytime.

Via Power Pressure XL