Get Into This: An Introduction To New Japan Pro Wrestling, That Thing Everybody Likes (Part 1)

07.22.14 5 years ago 73 Comments

I don’t often discuss professional wrestling with my friends, but when I do, I sometimes end up comparing it to music.  There are different trends that could be rising or falling at any given time.  Maybe you like your tunes grave and serious, or maybe you prefer something more light and fun.  Maybe you need thousands of finisher kickouts from Ring of Honor, or maybe you need imaginary hand grenades and time-traveling drum majors from Chikara.  And just like in music, there are different international scenes in wrestling.  So, whether you feel like the American wrestling scene is getting too predictable, or if you’re happy with the way things are and you’re just looking for more wrestling to fill your time, I’d like to call New Japan Pro Wrestling to your attention. 

If you’re already familiar with NJPW, you’ll know most of the information I’ll be discussing here.  However, speaking from a strictly statistical point of view, many people clicking this link will not be NJPW experts.  So let’s look at this as a sort of introductory primer to New Japan, similar to Danielle’s excellent look at Chikara.  I’ll be your guide as we take a trip to Korakuen Hall  and the Bodymaker Colosseum for some of the world’s best wrestling.  Enjoy!

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