There Are Some Interesting New Names Coming To Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling is dealing with a lot right now. They’re having to scramble and weather the storm of the latest Alberto El Patron incident, and there’s still the Broken Hardys legal kerfuffle to sort out. But the show must continue going ever onward, and part of the plan for the under-new-ownership-and-also-a-new-name GFW is to once again start doing touring live events.

They’re going to need some star power to draw on the road, of course, and the company is already hard at work trying to sign Rey Mysterio to a contract, so he can begin appearing on GFW television and events when his Lucha Underground deal is up. He’s not the only name they’re bringing in, of course. Indie favorites like ACH have already begun appearing on GFW Impact, and it looks like there are more well-known wrestlers lined up to cross the line. (That’s probably not still a thing.)

During a media conference call on Wednesday, it was announced that John Morrison, AKA Johnny Mundo or John Hennigan, will be appearing at GFW’s live events in the New York area. These appearances were likely set up via the new working partnership between AAA and GFW, although given what’s happening between AAA and Morrison’s fiancee, Taya Valkyrie, who knows how long he’ll be working with either company. Morrison has been confirmed to appear on the card for GFW’s live events on August 4-6, in Long Island, Staten Island, and Bridgeport, CT, respectively.

Also joining the fray are Jake and Dave Crist, who have wrestled in Ring of Honor, PWG, CZW, and many other promotions originally as Irish Airborne and currently as OI4K (Ohio Is 4 Killers). The Crists have seen a marked increase in popularity and bookings over the past couple of years, particularly Dave, as he has become known for his insane cutters.

Jeremy Borash confirmed on the call that the Crists will be coming in soon (meaning they will be part of GFW television and not just the upcoming live events), and will have new names in Global Force. So get ready, because soon you’ll be forced to answer questions about what Jax and Dax Cusp are doing in the Impact Zone.