The Untold Story Of WCW’s Glacier, And The Battle To Find Personal Happiness In Professional Wrestling

06.14.17 2 years ago 27 Comments

On the morning before WrestleMania 33, I found myself walking through the Hyatt Regency Orlando alongside an UPROXX camera crew and Glacier, a pro wrestling ice ninja from 1996, while he told me a story about the contact lens he wears in his right eye to create a magic eyeball.

“It was such a defining part of Glacier, it’s the one eye, the ice-blue eye. So when kids would come up to me at shows or appearances or whatever, just in a child-like wonderment, they’ll stay stuff like, ‘Is that your real eye?’ ‘Does your eye really look like that?’ And what I tell them is, ‘Yeah, actually both of my eyes look like this, but I put a contact on this one to make it look like a real eye.’ And they go, ‘REALLY?’ And I go, ‘Yeah, but don’t tell anybody. It’s our secret.'”

We said goodbye to him at the end of the hall, watching him shake hands and laugh with old friends moments before the WrestleCon people shuffled him into a ballroom for the “Mania Moments” brunch. As we shot our final frames of footage, an independent wrestler noticed us. He broke line to approach me, and in a condescending voice asked, “You burying Glacier? You burying Glacier?”

This is the first thing people ask when you tell them you’re writing about Glacier.

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