Global Force Wrestling Revealed More Of Their Talent Roster… Sort Of

Global Force Wrestling released a video with low-res pictures of their expanded talent roster for their upcoming shows. There’s no official list, nor do they bother promoting them by name in any way, but who needs to know who these guys are when you an see a pixelated version of their headshots for a second each?

Added to the existing roster are:

– Sonjay Dutt
– Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay)
– The Young Bucks
– Jigsaw
– Chuck Taylor
– Lance Archer (joining his Killer Elite Squad tag partner Davey Boy Smith, Jr)
– Jimmy Rave
– Chase Stevens and Cassidy O’Reilly (The Hot Shots)
– Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s The Heavenly Bodies
– Luke Hawk
– Man of 1,000 Pro Wrestling Tees designs Cliff Compton
– Jamin Olivencia

While I love Chuck Taylor and the Young Bucks, this is still… underwhelming. It still looks like any card you could see for $20 in a high school gym in Queens, not an actual Global Force poised to turn pro wrestling on its ear and compete with… jeez. At this point, what televised wrestling show could they compete with? There are legitimate talents in there, but at no point have they made anything about this feel important or special. I mean, besides Jeff Jarrett posing shirtless in a doorway.

Is it time to stop saying “well, let’s wait and see because it could be okay!” and start saying “seriously, get your shit together” yet? Because they’ve gotta level up at some point.

I guess this is what you get when Wu Tang raised you.