Global Force Wrestling’s TV Show Has A Name, And It’s Mountain Dew Quality

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when Global Force Wrestling heads to Las Vegas for their first set of television tapings, they’ll be taping Amped. Why “Amped,” you might be asking? As Jeff Jarrett explains, it’s called amped because they’re amped to be doing a wrestling show. Not kidding. That’s the entire reason. If they do a second show, it should be called Global Force Wrestling EXCITED.

The Observer included a bit about the possibility of country-music star Toby Keith becoming an investor, and I think we’ve figured it out:

Regarding the Jarrett/Toby Keith situation, as best we can tell, Keith has told Jarrett he will be involved with financing the company if Jarrett can accomplish a certain thing. We don’t know what that is, but it is logical to believe he meant getting a viable television platform.

Nope, he meant, “name your TV show like an energy drink.” Would you expect anything less from the people who brought you “TNA” Wrestling?