Goldust’s Horror Movie ‘Meet Me There’ Is Finally Available To Purchase

You may remember Meet Me There from our endless, loving shilling over the past year and a half. The hook, if you’re not into beautifully shot, well-acted horror movies is, of course, WWE’s own Goldust. While we here at With Spandex may be a little more biased than most, anyone who has seen the film can already tell you what an amazing performance Dustin Runnels gives.

Here’s all of the technical press-release stuff:

After completing a successful international film festival run in 2014 (Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, Sunscreen International Film Festival, Feratum Fest, New Orleans Film Festival’s Film-O-Rama, and more) and wrapping up the theatrical run at New York City’s Anthology Film Archives in early June, MEET ME THERE is coming to home video.

MEET ME THERE stars Lisa Friedrich as “Ada,” and Micheal Foulk as “Calvin” – a young couple experiencing sexual dysfunction. When their therapists suggests Ada look into her past to find answers, the couple decides to take a deadly road trip to her hometown in Oklahoma. Angry locals, creepy druids, severed heads, and a chilling turn by Dustin Runnels (WWE’s “Goldust”) as “Preacher Woodward” meet them in the Oklahoma woods. They might find their answers, but will they find their way back home?

MEET ME THERE is now available on DVD and Blu-ray in stores and online through retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, K-Mart, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Dark Star Records and

OK, so we only have like half of those things in Canada, and I can’t confirm that the others are real, but if you know for sure, head out, grab a copy, and make sure you let everyone know how great Goldust is at acting so we can stop getting direct-to-video Hornswoggle WWE movies.

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